Forex trading Philippines

  • Forex trading in the Philippines is the choice of the new generation of traders.
  • The new generation of traders are more aware of the global currency market and are ready to make a profit from it.
  • The most important thing that makes a successful Forex trader is Risk Management and Money Management.
  • Anybody can make one or two profitable trades, but making a profit consistently requires knowledge and practice.
  • You can find here about the Best Forex Brokers in the Philippines and resources to help you succeed in Forex trading.

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Forex Trading Review in the Philippines

Forex trading Philippines

In the Philippines, the investors are doing remarkably well with Forex trading. Online Forex trading has become quite popular among traders with higher risk appetite. That’s the reason many Forex Brokers have now registered themselves with Philippines authorities recently. The reason for the popularity of Forex trading in Philippines is the risk appetite of the investors. The Forex traders in Philippines can spare a portion of their portfolio for high-risk financial trading like Forex.

Interestingly, a large number of investors are making returns that are outperforming the underlying equity markets. The key to succeeding in Forex trading lies in interpreting the currency price movements. The currency price keeps on changing along with global financial news and happenings. The traders must monitor these Global news and Economic data releases from different central banks affecting the currency price.

One thing is clear, one can make money by trading currencies. But the new entrants to the market face a bewildering array of options, platforms, and terminology, so here’s a quick explanation to help understand Forex and CFD trading in Philippines.

New Generation Traders in the Philippines like Forex trading

Best Forex Brokers in Philippines

If you are looking for the best Forex broker to trade with, there are many things to consider before you finalize. The minimum deposit, the commission on trades, the brokerage or spread, the funding methods and fees, fund withdrawal methods, trading platforms, and trade execution speed, etc., are the crucial aspects to evaluate to find the best Forex broker in Philippines.

The most commonly used Forex trading platforms are MT4, MT5, cTrader, and Mobile trading platforms of MT4 and MT5. Although most brokers offer them, the platform speed and trade execution speed must be excellent for a good trading experience.

How to select Forex brokers in Philippines

When it comes to select the right Forex broker in Philippines, you must consider so many factors. Some important aspects to consider are – trustworthiness of the Forex Brokers in Philippines, the safety, and security of funds, deposit methods and spread (broker fees) involved. It is always better to avoid new Forex brokers who do not have a proven track record of a few years. You can shortlist regulated Forex brokers with 3 to 5 years (or more) of proven track record. Check out the broker review on the internet before you finalize to invest with them. The brokers complying with European or UK regulators are considered trustworthy as they comply with stringent regulations. There are few European Forex brokers who have opened their offices in the Philippines and registered with Philippines authorities to provide their services.

The Forex brokers in Manila offer support in Tagalog language and local telephonic support. The Manila Forex brokers who are quite confident of their services and trading features offer a free demo trading account. You get a chance to know the trading platform and all trading features while trading in a demo account. You may decide to open a real trading account with Forex brokers in Dubai after you evaluate the Dubai Forex broker in a demo trading account. IQ Option Forex Review.

Recommended Forex Brokers in the Philippines

easyMarkets Philippines

EasyMarkets is a well-established online trading platform that is gaining significant popularity in the Philippines. Known for its user-friendly interface, it offers a wide range of financial instruments and trading options, including forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. With its commitment to transparency and security, easyMarkets provides an ideal platform for novice and experienced traders in the Philippines. It also offers educational resources and customer support to assist traders in making informed trading decisions. Furthermore, easyMarkets is known to comply with international regulatory standards, providing Filipino traders with a safe and secure trading environment. Check out our easyMarkets review in the Philippines here.

FBS Broker Philippines

FBS is one of the leading Forex brokers in the global Forex market. It has created account types for every type of trader. The Forex traders from Phlippines can open a Cent Account with a $1 deposit,  Micro Account by depositing $5, Standard Account by depositing $100. There are more account types like Zero Spread, ECN, and Crypto Account. The most popular account types in the Philippines are Standard Accounts and ECN accounts. Check out FBS Philippines Review to learn more about FBS Broker and the account types they offer.

Exness Philippines

Exness is a recognized and reputable forex trading platform that has gained popularity in the Philippines. This international online trading company offers a variety of financial instruments, including forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, and commodities. Exness provides its Filipino clients with advanced trading tools, educational resources, and 24/7 customer support. The platform is known for its transparency, reliable trading technology, and competitive spreads, making it a preferred choice for both novice and experienced traders in the Philippines. Moreover, it adheres to international regulatory standards, ensuring a safe and secure trading environment. Check out our Exness Philippines review here.

AvaTrade Philippines

AvaTrade in the Philippines offers a comprehensive suite of services for online trading, facilitating access to global financial markets for both novice and experienced traders. This platform provides a user-friendly interface with advanced trading tools and instruments, including Forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, indices, and stocks. AvaTrade is renowned for its commitment to user education and risk management, offering a range of educational resources, as well as features such as stop-loss orders and customizable leverage. Additionally, the firm emphasizes transparency and regulatory compliance, being fully regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and other international financial authorities. Check out our full AvaTrade Philippines review here.

Forex Trading Apps in the Philippines

LiteFinance Philippines

LiteFinance is a highly reputable forex broker operating in the Philippines. It is recognized for its user-friendly platform, robust trading tools, and exceptional customer service. This broker offers various financial instruments, including forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. LiteFinance caters to both beginner and experienced traders, providing them with educational resources, comprehensive market analysis, and advanced trading features. The company is committed to transparency and operates under stringent regulatory standards, ensuring a secure and fair trading environment for all its clients. With its competitive spreads and fast execution, LiteFinance is a top choice for forex trading in the Philippines. Read our LiteFinance Review in the Philippines here.

Eightcap Philippines

Eightcap is a well-known international forex and CFD broker operating in the Philippines. It offers a range of trading platforms, including the popular MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, tailored for beginner and experienced traders. This Australian-based brokerage firm is recognized for providing competitive spreads, fast execution, and excellent customer service. Eightcap is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), ensuring a secure and transparent trading environment for its clients in the Philippines and worldwide. Check out our Eightcap Review in the Philippines here.

Eightcap Philippines Review


FxPro Philippines

FxPro is a leading online broker in the Philippines, offering a comprehensive range of trading services to individual and institutional clients. Known for its reliability and transparency, FxPro provides access to the global forex market, commodities, indices, and futures. With advanced trading platforms, competitive pricing, and expert customer support, FxPro forex caters to the needs of all types of traders, from beginners to experienced professionals. In addition, FxPro broker is regulated by several authorities worldwide, ensuring a secure and trustworthy trading environment. Read our FxPro Review Philippines here.

FX trading Philippines – Who’s trading Forex in the Philippines?

A lot of people are currently trading Forex in the Philippines. Foreign exchange is commonly known as Forex. Forex is the world’s most traded market with trillions of dollars traded every day. According to estimations, there’s an average turnover in excess of US$5.3 trillion every single day.

A lot of different people are trading Forex, from large companies to part-time small traders operating from their homes, something that only became possible with the proliferation of the internet. In the Philippines, many traders trade from the comfort of their homes to make some additional income. Forex trading in Manila has become quite popular among new-generation smart traders. This is the reason many Forex brokers are opening their regional offices to cater FX trading in Manila. When we talk about Forex trading in the Philippines – the maximum traders are from Manila. Manila being the capital and financial hub, FX in Manila has become an attraction among traders. Sign up with a regulated Forex broker in the Philippines and start practicing in a demo account first.

Is Forex Trading Legal in the Philippines?

This is one of the commonly asked questions by many traders in the Philippines. Everybody wants to know – “Is Forex Trading Legal?” The answer to this question is – ” Yes, it is legal to trade Forex in the Philippines.” You should take care of your local tax liabilities. Several Forex trading companies have offices in Manila and operate while complying with Philippines regulators. Since the rules keep changing, you should consult a local Financial Consultant for detailed advice on the legal aspects of Forex trading in the Philippines.

The Forex brokers listed on this page declare their legitimate status and accept traders from Philippines. We could not find any of the brokers mentioning about not accepting Filipino Forex traders.  Always open a Free Demo trading account before investing with any brokers, this will give you an idea about the broker and their features before you invest with them. It is better to have account with a Philippines regulated Forex  broker or a broker having its local office in Philippines.


Forex Brokers in Philippines


Forex trading Philippines – What causes currency movements?

Most people already know that the values of currencies keep changing, that’s why exchange rates change. And the changes in those rates are determined by thousands of traders buying currencies with other currencies and making judgments on what each is worth in relation to each other.

Currency prices can change at incredible speed in response to news and global events. Forex traders look at key factors, including political and economic stability, currency intervention, monetary policy and major events such as natural disasters. The traders take advantages of these factors and trade currencies to make money.

FX trading Philippines – How does FX trading work?

While trading Forex, currencies come in pairs, for example, sterling/US dollar. The trader predicts how the exchange rate between the two currencies will change. So, if the trader believes that USD (US Dollar) will strengthen against the GBP (British Pound) then they buy dollars, which means they are also ditching their pounds. If they are right then the value of their currency rises and they can sell it for a profit. If their decision was wrong then they lose.

For example, the GBP/USD rate shows the number of dollars one pound can buy. If a trader believes the pound will increase in value against the dollar then they use dollars to buy pounds. If the exchange rate rises then they can sell the pounds back for a profit. One of the reasons Forex trading is so popular with hobbyist investors is that the markets are open pretty much 24 hours a day, following the different countries’ time zones.

Will I make any money?

Forex is risky. It’s so risky that many experts believe that there is a significant possibility for newbie traders to lose their capital. It is very difficult for home traders to understand and predict the currency market with his limited understanding and knowledge of the Forex market. The idea that an individual can reliably predict the movements of currencies is nonsense. Here comes the requirement of proper education and training in the Forex market.

There is an abundance of trading platforms and guides and books and investment tutorials available to help new traders learn. The Forex brokers also provide Webinars and one to one training to their clients. The brokers who care for their clients to learn, provide Free Demo Trading account to get some hands-on practice without risking any real money. If you are not sure of your knowledge level and trading skills, you must practice a lot in the demo trading account. You can learn Forex trading with a free demo trading account with IQ Option and make use of their useful training resources.

Hence, would-be traders must understand the risks involved in Forex trading. It’s essential that the traders don’t invest money they can’t afford to lose.

Eightcap Philippines

What next? Can I start FX trading in Philippines?

By now, you must have understood that Forex trading is full of risk and a complex area to master, yet not impossible. Hence you must get extensive training and acquire some hands-on experience in a demo account.

You must discuss with your Forex brokers and financial advisers to understand the degrees of risk. The individual traders usually get to know more by trading in demo accounts and getting more and more studies. Before undertaking any kind of online trading, it’s a good idea to spend time reading more and talking to other investors.

Finally, if you are new to Forex trading, you must open an demo account and trade in a demo account. You should start trading in a real account with real money only after getting enough experience in the demo account. 

Find some effective Indicators that can help you trade effectively.

Free Indicators for Forex and Binary Options trading in Philippines.

Start trading by following step by step guide to Forex trading.


Do forex traders pay tax in Philippines?
Yes, Forex traders must pay tax from their profits as per Philippines rules.

How much do you need to start forex in Philippines?
Some brokers offer trading accounts with just a $1 deposit. But a minimum of $500 is recommended for getting returns that can justify your time and efforts invested.

How to open Forex account in Philippines?
Register with a reputed Forex broker by providing your name, email, and address. You can register with FBS, easyMarkets, Exness, or IQ Option and start your forex trading venture.

How to start forex trading in Philippines?

Watch a few videos on youtube about how to use MT4 platform for Forex trading. You will know how to trade forex. But more important is how to trade Forex and make a profit. So you must learn market analysis and practice them in a demo account before putting your real money.

How to trade forex in the Philippines?

Register with a Forex Broker. Learn trading in a demo account. After practicing and knowing how to trade Forex, you can deposit funds and start trading.

Is forex allowed in Philippines?

Yes, Forex trading is allowed in Philippines.

Is forex legit in the Philippines?

Yes, it is legit to trade Forex in Philippines.

Is forex taxable in Philippines?

Yes, Forex trading income is taxable in Philippines. Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) is the authority for tax purposes.

Is Forex Trading legal in Philippines?

Yes, trading of Forex is legal in Philippines.

What are legit forex brokers in the Philippines?

FBS, Exness, easyMarkets, and BlackbullMarkets are a few legit Forex brokers in Philippines.

What is the best forex platform in Philippines?

Exness is one of the best Forex platforms in Philippines.

What is the best trading platform in Philippines?

IQ Option, Exness, and FBS are among the best trading platforms in Philippines.

Who is the Most Trusted forex broker?

Exness is one of the most trusted Forex broker in Philippines.

Who regulates forex in Philippines?

PEZA ( ) regulates Forex in the Philippines.

Forex Trading Philippines – Conclusion

Although Online Trading is quite popular nowadays, only a small percentage of traders make money. Like every investment in the financial market, there is no 100 percent success rate in Forex trading too. As per the Forex brokers, between 60 to 90 percent of people lose money while trading Forex. Only 10% to 30% of smart traders make money. Hence you must learn everything about Forex trading before investing in it.

We encourage the Forex traders to trade in a Forex Demo Account first. Then learn to trade using different technical and fundamental analyses. Risk management is quite important while trading Forex. Don’t invest more than 1 to 3 percent in any single trade.

Most importantly, Don’t invest any money into the Forex market which you cannot afford to lose.